Thank you to all the VMAPA members that submitted a nomination for induction into the 2022 VMAPA Hall of Fame! 

With the closing of the nomination period, the HOF nominations will be screened by the Hall of Fame Committee (HOFC) to ensure the application has met the requirements for submission.  Once screened, the nominations are sent to the VMAPA Screening and Selection Committee (SASC).

The SASC responsibilities include the reviewing of all submittals; vetting nominees to ensure the HOF induction criteria is met; and deciding which nominees will be selected for the HOF Ballot.  This process is led by the HOFC Chair who is the only non-voting member of the SASC.

The 8 member SASC committee is comprised of the Executive Director (Jeremy Van Wert), Hall of Fame Committee Chair (Marilyn Gill) and six members selected by the HOFC from within the VMAPA organization.  The goal of SASC member selection is to represent as many disciplines and decades as possible.  In addition, SASC members must have been involved in VMAPA for a minimum of 10 years, and knowledgeable in their field of expertise, as well as the VMAPA organization and the marching arts activity in general.

The HOFC takes great pleasure in introducing the six additional SASC members who will complete the 2022 Inaugural VMAPA Screening and Selection Committee:


Santa Clara Vanguard, Performer, Trumpet | Mellophone / 2001 – 2004

–   2003 Awarded the Outstanding Visual Award

–   2002 and 2004 Awarded the Golden Foot Award

Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard, Performer / 2006 – 2007

Santa Clara Vanguard, Visual Instructional Staff / 2005, 2013

VMAPA Board of Directors, Director / 2017 – 2020

VMAPA Alumni Association, Co-chair, Fundraising Committee / 2020 – 2021

VMAPA Alumni Association, President / 2020 – present

Santa Clara Vanguard and VMAPA Volunteer / 2005 – present

Erik currently resides in Portland, Oregon and works professionally as a Software Engineer at Brightwheel, focusing on early education technology.  Since 2020, he has engaged with local Portland neighborhood residents as the Neighborhood Coordinator for the Portland Food Project responsible for the coordination of bi-monthly food bank donations.

While a member of the Board of Directors of the Northern California Percussion Alliance (NCPA) from 2013 – 2019, Erik served as the Director of Education.  His primary focus was introducing Bay Area students to professional percussionists through clinics at NCPA sponsored events.  He also served as a Judge Coordinator responsible for conducting nationwide searches to engage and schedule the best adjudicators for NCPA events thus providing the highest quality feedback to members of Bay Area percussion ensembles.


Vanguard Cadets (aka SCV “B” Corps), Performer, Color Guard / 1984 – 1990

–   1990 Color Guard Captain

Santa Clara Vanguard, Performer, Color Guard / 1991 – 1996

–   1994 – 1996 Color Guard Captain

Vanguard Cadets, Color Guard Caption Head / 2001-2005, 2009-2011

Santa Clara Vanguard Instructional Staff Technician / 2006 – 2007

Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard, Instructional Staff / 2006, 2010, 2011, 2012 

Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Corps, Instructional Staff / 2017

VMAPA Alumni Association, Chair, Fundraising Committee / 2021 – present 

Santa Clara Vanguard and VMAPA Volunteer / 2014 – present

In addition to Diane’s instructional work with the Vanguard Cadets and Santa Clara Vanguard, Diane has worked with numerous Color Guards beginning in 1993 with the Homestead High School Color Guard (1993 – 1997, 2008 – 2009); the Connecticut Hurricanes (1997); Saratoga High School (1998 – 2004) and Mountain View High School (2009 – 2017).

Diane is currently responsible for the Life Skills Program at Mountain View High School, Mt. View, CA.  Having previously worked with the moderate/severe Post Senior and underclassman population, her focus for the last two years has been working with the mild/moderate Life Skills population teaching functional academics (English, Math and Basic Computers) and everyday life skills.  Diane currently resides in Sunnyvale, California.


Santa Clara Vanguard, Performer, Color Guard / 1967 – 1969

Santa Clara Vanguard Indoor Winter Color Guard, Performer / 1967 – 1969

VAMPA Board of Directors, Executive Secretary / 2013 – 2018

VMAPA Hall of Fame Induction 2018

VMAPA Hall of Fame Subcommittee / 2020 – present

Santa Clara Vanguard and VMAPA Volunteer / 1983 – present

Stephenie, aka VMAPA’s Biggest Supporter, continues to stay involved because of her love for this organization.  Since 1983, Stephenie has actively volunteered “behind the scenes” with Miss Amana, Bingo, merchandise, camp registrations, uniforms, etc. but her biggest joy each year is being around the current performers and staff.  Since 2008, Stephenie has been at every camp registration, Pre-Tour camp and Santa Clara Vanguard Tour.  Her volunteer efforts for VMAPA were acknowledged at the 2018 Drum Corps International Championship with the presentation of the “DCI Volunteer of the Year” award.  Stephenie currently resides in Santa Clara, California and is retired.


Vanguard Cadets, Performer, Front Ensemble | Bass Drum / 1993 – 1994

Santa Clara Vanguard, Performer, Bass Drum / 1995 – 1999

–   1995 – 1998 Drum Corps International Bass Drum Ensemble I & E Winners

–   1998 – Drum Corps International High Percussion Award

–   1999 – Drum Corps International World Class Champion

Vanguard Cadets, Percussion Instructional Staff / 2000 – 2001

–  2000 Drum Corps International Division II Champions

Santa Clara Vanguard Part Time Employee / 2000 – 2003

VMAPA Hall of Fame Induction 2021

Santa Clara Vanguard and VMAPA Volunteer / 2003 – present

Brian, aka VMAPA’s “MacGyver”, earned his nickname because of his uncanny ability to solve any problem presented to him.  In addition to his problem-solving skills, Brian is quite creative with his hands whether it is under a vehicle hood, the designing and building of Miss Amana and equipment trucks or the creation of the website and MySCV.  Brian’s mark has been left on many areas of the VMAPA organization.  Brian’s willingness to assist extends beyond VMAPA, he has helped other organizations, such as Phantom Regiment and Drum Corps International.   

Brian currently resides in Santa Clara, California and since 2019 has been employed as the Services Marketing Email Production Manager at Apple. 


Santa Clara Vanguard, Performer, Brass / 1980 – 1984

Vanguard Cadets, Visual Instructional Staff and Caption Head / 1987 – 1992

Vanguard Cadets, Brass Instructional Staff / 1992 – 1994

Vanguard Cadets, Corps Director / 1994 – 2006

–   Division II Finalist every year attended 

–   2000 DCI Division II Champions

–   2000 Awarded the DCI Division II Outstanding Director Award

–   Awarded the SCV Director Award

Santa Clara Vanguard Director of Operations / 2008 – 2013

VMAPA Hall of Fame Induction 2019

In 1991, at the behest of Founding Executive Director, Gail Royer, George and Sue (Sudy) Johnson were asked to form the SCV Alumni Association as a way to formally engage more alumni to participate and support activities of the organization.   

In 2000, under George’s leadership, the Vanguard Cadets won their first DCI Division II Championship making the Santa Clara Vanguard organization first in Drum Corps International history to have a Division I and Division II Champion from the same organization.  In addition to his work as Corps Director, George was a key player in establishing the SCV organizational presence on the internet with the registration of the domain “” followed with the development of SCV websites with various webmasters. 

During the years he served as the Vanguard Cadet Corps Director, George was employed (1998 – 2007) at Mission College (Santa Clara, CA) as a faculty member of the Music Department.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he was employed at Quick Eagle Networks (formerly Digital Link Corporation, Mt. View, CA) as an Engineering Quality Assurance Manager (1996 – 2006).  George currently resides in San Jose, California and since 2013 has managed the Brown Family Estate.  


Santa Clara Vanguard, Performer, Soprano | Mellophone /  1968 – 1970

Santa Clara Vanguard, Marching & Maneuvering Instructional Staff / 1971 – 1973

Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Guard, Designer and Instructional Staff / 1972

Santa Clara Vanguard, Brass Instructional Staff / 1974 – 1975

Santa Clara Vanguard, Arranger and Brass Caption Head / 1980

Santa Clara Vanguard, Brass Caption Head / 1981

Vanguard Cadets, Brass Arranger / 1997

Vanguard Cadets, Brass Staff / 2006

Tournament of Roses Parade Director / 2004

Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Corps, Director and Arranger /  1997, 2002 and 2017

VMAPA Hall of Fame Induction 2014

In addition to Scott’s work as an arranger and drill designer with the VMAPA organization, Scott has also arranged for numerous drum and bugle corps including the Mandarins (Sacramento, CA); Capitolaires (Sacramento, CA); Imperial Cadets (Portland, OR); Troopers (Casper, WY); Freelancers (Sacramento, CA) and the CMCC Warriors Drum & Bugle Corps (Harlem, NYC, NY).   

Scott was responsible for the Instrumental Music Program at Piedmont Hills High School (San Jose, CA) from 1973 – 1978 and was the Outdoor Entertainment Director and Arranger for Marriott’s Great America from 1976 – 1978.  

In 1978, Scott started his career with the San Jose State University Spartan Marching Band as the Assistant Director, Arranger and Drill Designer.  In 1983, Scott was promoted and served as the Director, Arranger and Drill Designer of the SJSU Spartan Marching Band until his retirement in 2018.  Scott believes that the Santa Clara Vanguard was not only instrumental in his career development, but also in his life.  Scott has committed to continue to give back to VMAPA through his leadership and directorship of the SCV Alumni Corps performances.  Scott resides in San Jose, CA.      


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