Scott Pierson

Class of 2014

Scott Pierson

Scott Pierson joined the Vanguard in September of 1967, playing soprano bugle.  In 1969 he became the first mellophone player in the corps, playing solos and duets until aging out in 1970.  He immediately began teaching brass until the spring of 1971, when he became a marching instructor.  In 1973 his wife, Pat, went on tour as a chaperone; she also ended up choreographing the Bottle Dance for the rifle section early that summer!

In 1974 and 1975 Scott taught the brass section and his passion for drum corps and music was evident to all of those who marched under his instruction.  In 1978 he began his 40-year career at San Jose State University, always encouraging his students to join the Santa Clara Vanguard. He returned to teach the corps in 1980 and 1981, as the corps won another DCI Championship in the process.  He retired from SJSU in 2018.

Scott has continued to be a part of the Santa Clara organization throughout the years as a member of the Alumni Association, a Booster and STAR Donor, as well as directing and arranging the music for each of the SCV Alumni Corps (1997, 2002, 2017) and the 2004 Tournament of Roses Parade.  He was an advisory member on the Board of Directors during the late 2000’s, helping the organization to become more present in the community and local school districts.

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