Sandra Adams

Class of 2024

Sandra Adams

Sandra Adams biography

Sandra Adams was first involved with Vanguard when her daughter, Caitlin, was in the SCVC Color Guard  in 2003 and 2004. Sandra took over as the Bingo Manager in 2005 and began growing the bingo program until she retired in September, 2018. She was so successful that the organization was able to continue supporting the A corps, enable the Cadet corps’ trip to finals every year, create the champion Winter Guard and Winter Percussion groups and support community outreach projects. Sandra always felt that her ultimate reward was being a part of providing the financial support needed by these champions.

Sandra discovered and proved that the previous bingo manager was embezzling. Once that person was arrested, Sandra stepped in to manage and improve the program. She developed computer programs that simplified the balancing of each bingo session with built-in safeguards that also rolled up to the corporate and government reports required. 

Sandra realized that when Vanguard volunteers, i.e. staff, were scarce, so were the bingo customers. The solution was to expand the staff pool by bringing in volunteers from other youth groups in exchange for modest donations to those other nonprofit community groups. 

Understanding the state and local regulations lead Sandra to consider adding another session, back to back with one of the four allocated days for bingo. Not only was it successful, it was wildly successful and lead Sandra to add yet another back to back session. The revenue from the 6 bingo sessions was almost double the average for the previous 4 sessions. She decided it was important to put money back into the program and created an annual Customer Appreciation Event as well as getting some essential facility improvements that benefitted everyone that uses the hall.

Sandra was the right person at the right time with the right skills to bring this success to Vanguard’s Bingo program. Sandra is an Electrical Engineer that worked in research, and engineering support for sales and marketing departments. Her background in computers, finance, other Board of Director experience, and strong moral compass were key elements. Sandra gained the respect and loyalty of many customers and volunteers. New Year’s Eve was the annual big blowout event for bingo and Sandra made her way through the hall with up to 500 guests and 20+ volunteers to touch each and every person with a shoulder tap, handshake or hug wishing each a Happy New Year!

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