Chris and Harry Morrow

Class of 2023

Chris and Harry Morrow

Throughout the years, Chris and Harry have contributed to the Santa Clara Vanguard (SCV) organization by cooking, driving, sewing uniforms, providing a home to many members as well as providing a positive example.

Chris began her experience with SCV as a member of the color guard marching in the rifle line 1972, 1973, 1975, and in 1976 was selected section leader. After aging out, she also marched in the Alumni Corps in 2002, 2004, 2017, and the Alumni Winter Guard in 2003.

Chris and Harry began volunteering while their son was a member in the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets (SCVC), and later in the A Corps. In 2001, they began providing housing for out-of-area members. They typically housed 5-6 (if not more) kids per season. From 2005 through 2017, the Morrows continued housing members and staff.

Chris helped by working on uniforms and flags for both SCVC and SCV, helped with Alumni Corps uniforms in 2002, 2004, and 2017, and also Winter Percussion in 2014 and 2015. Both toured for four years as part of the SCVC food crew, and later helped on Ms. Amana during camps, and for short stints during tour. At various times from 2001 through 2019, Harry drove for SCVC, SCV, Winter Guard, and Alumni Corps.

In the off season, you could find Harry at the Hall several times a week helping the SCVC Corps Director, George Brown with various projects. Chris was also at the Hall working on admin projects.

After helping Gloria and John Flores with SCV’s show Pacific Procession, and SCVC’s home show Cal-State Open, in 2003, Harry and Chris took charge of Cal-State Open. Following several successful years, they partnered with Alum Joe Kelly, and the Fremont High School Band Boosters to host the show, culminating in their eventual takeover. 

For many years Chris and Harry could be found volunteering or cooking for the annual SCV Spaghetti Dinner. In addition, they volunteered at Vanguard Bingo and Chris was a member of the Board of Directors from 2003 to 2007, during which time significant changes were made to the Bingo Program. You could often find Chris at the Winter Guard Gift Wrap booth or working concessions at hockey and football games in support of the guard. She also helped with registration during Winter Guard auditions. 

Chris and Harry’s long-time commitment to the organization is greatly appreciated.


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