Myron Rosander

Class of 2014

Myron Rosander

From 1976 through 2005, Myron Rosander was a performer, instructor, Principal Visual Designer and Assistant Director for the Santa Clara Vanguard, spanning over 30 year’s of involvement with the SCV organization.

During that time, Myron was designer for 3 DCI Championship shows including 1989 (Phantom of the Opera), 1999 (Inventions for a New Millennium), and again with the Vanguard Cadets in 2013 (The Art of War). Rosander was also a performer with SCV (French Horn) which won the 1978 DCI Championships.

In 2000, Mr. Rosander was the recipient of the prestigious “Gail Royer Memorial Vanguard of the Year” award, which is the highest honor one can receive within the SCV organization. And in 2014, Myron was honored and inducted into the “Santa Clara Vanguard Hall of Fame.”

Myron was Visual Designer for the 2013 DCI Open World Champion Vanguard Cadets, and continued this role in 2014.

Beyond the artistic formations he created for the football field, Mr. Rosander also shared a special connection with the corps members who brought his designs to life. He’d often take the time to address those performers from the heart, sharing his experiences and wisdom that had students hanging on every word and inspiring them to achieve their very best.

“Myron’s drill writing seems insignificant when compared to the value felt and respect he gave to each and every member who passed through the Vanguard,” Santa Clara Vanguard alum Amy Frost said. “We were taught by Myron to not only work on ourselves as musicians and marchers on the field, but to constantly readapt ourselves into humbled, respectable human beings off the field as well.”

Mr. Rosander was inducted into the Santa Clara Vanguard Hall of Fame in 2014. He passed away on December 20, 2015 at the age of 55 and was inducted into the DCI Hall of Fame posthumously.

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