Kent Cater

Class of 2015

Kent Cater

Kent has had a long and illustrious career with the Vanguard, having marched in the Vanguard B Corps from 1973-1975, the Vanguard A Corps from 1976-1980, and then moving on to teach the A Corps Bass Drum line from 1981-1996.  After a few years sabbatical, Kent then returned to teach the Bass line again from 2004-2016.  He worked with the Vanguard Winter Percussion during the winter percussion years and also volunteered his time to work with the Vanguard Alumni Corps. 

Under his tutelage, the Bass line has won many percussion championships.  Kent also has the distinction of having worked with every percussion caption head of the Vanguard since Fred Sanford, as well as the distinction of having worked for every Vanguard corps director in the history of the corps.

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