In Memoriam


In  Memoriam 

Welcome to the Santa Clara Vanguard’s new “In Memoriam” webpage, a space dedicated to honoring the memory and legacy of those who have been part of the Vanguard family and have since passed away. As an organization that has been at the forefront of the drum corps activity for over 50 years, the Vanguard has been fortunate to have been touched by countless individuals who have left an indelible mark on our community. From dedicated staff members and talented performers to loyal volunteers and passionate supporters, our extended Vanguard family has always been an integral part of who we are and what we stand for. We believe it’s important to pay tribute to those who have helped shape our organization and who will always hold a special place in our hearts. This webpage is a small token of our appreciation and respect for their contributions, and we hope that it serves as a lasting tribute to their memory.


In Memoriam


Albert Jimenez

Andy MacFadyen

Art West

Arthur Saucedo 

Arthur Velarde

Betsy Harper

Bill Henry

Bill Turner

Bob Bernadas

Brad Andrews

Bud Romo

Carol Dufur

Charles Bilek

Cheryle Wall Gregg

Chris Trujillo

Dan Day

Dave Gary Jr.

Dave Owens

Donna Sinagra

Ed Carroll

Ed Rudnick

Eduardo Sandoval 

Edward Rodriguez

Eric Drotning

Gary Mizak

Gary Moyer

Glenn Wong

Greg Dilley

Guy C. Smith

Harry White

Heidi Spahn

Jamie Godwin

Janet Edwards

Jason Nuckels

Jeff Golling

Jeff Rollerson

Jim Ott

Joanna Avilla

Joe Dumar

Joe De Mar

Joe Dahl

John Hershberger

Joe Martinez

Jon Wagoner 

Jonette Roy Dangerfield

Jort Wierema

Kathy Kerr

Keith Melot

Kenneth Bellum

Larry Carson

Lavell Jones

Lorenzo Fairfield

Luann Harper

Marc Gershenoff

Marci Budd

Mario Garcia

Matthew Passino

Mel Canales

Mike Johnson 

Mike Jones

Mike Korten 

Mike LaPorta

Mike Munoz

Mona Lomboy Schlieper

Myron Rosander

Nate Pernick

Norm Shiffer

Pam Edwards

Pat Halajian

Paul Seibert

Phill Olds

Ralph Buell 

Randal Preclaro

Ray Rallojay

Rich Armstrong

Rich Skare

Robert Bernadas

Robert Boa Burke

Robert Delgato

Robert Rodwell

Ron Menke

Ruben Alvarez III

Sandy Montana

Scott Noll Sayles

Scott Wreyford, Sr.

Sharon Vannatta-Moody

Stanley Knaub

Steve Escalera

Steve Rudig

Steve McGee

Steve Vance

Stuart Press

Terry Northern

Tim Browning

Tim Salinas

Tom Brown

Tom Eschenfelder

Tom Watson

Tracy Breeding

Vincent Noble

In Memoriam

Staff & Volunteers

Barry Young

Bill Noll

Carole Avilla

Dave Bandy

Don Corbett

Don Koester

Donna Williams

Ed Leeson

Fred Sanford

Gail Royer

Gary Czapinski

Gerry Kirby

Ginny DiLullo

Ginny Koester

Jack Hurt

Jean McWilliams

Jim Bull

Joe Martinez

John Shiffer

Joyce Leeson

Lou Avilla

Mike McCool

Manny Alvarado

Mary Shiffer

“Mom” Evans

Nelo Alvarado

Nick DiLullo

Paul Bartell

Pat Pierson

Patrick Magee

Ray Williams

Sally Magee

Vickie Corbett

Wilbur Walston

In Memoriam

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