Aaron Fisher

Snare Instructor

Aaron Fisher

Aaron Fisher has been affiliated with SCV for over a decade, starting as a marching member from 2011-2014, and serving as the snare section leader in 2013 and 2014. He has been a member of the percussion staff since 2016. His other marching percussion experience includes playing snare with Phantom Regiment in 2010, writing and participating in multiple UNT snare ensembles, and being the snare section leader of the UNT A-line. He has worked with numerous HS and independent groups in Texas, Georgia, and the United Kingdom.

He is passionate about both the corps and the percussion program, and is looking forward to another fantastic season. Originally from the Dallas, TX area, Aaron studied music at the University of North Texas before pursuing a degree in Engineering from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. He has since continued to balance both music and engineering in his life, spending much of his time writing, consulting, and teaching, including 5+ years arranging for the WGI scholastic world-class Lambert HS program. Aaron currently resides in Munich, Germany.

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