Fueling the Future: Santa Clara Vanguard Launches Food and Fuel Fundraiser

May 8, 2024 | News, Santa Clara Vanguard


Fueling the FUTURE: Vanguard Music And Performing Arts Launches Food and Fuel Fundraiser

Santa Clara, CA, May 8th, 2024 – Vanguard Music And Performing Arts (VMAPA), renowned for its excellence in music and performance education, is proud to announce the launch of its latest fundraiser, Fueling Vanguard. This initiative invites supporters to make a meaningful impact on the lives of talented young musicians and performers of the Santa Clara Vanguard who dedicate their hearts and souls to their craft.

“At Santa Clara Vanguard, we believe in nurturing the potential of every young artist who walks through our doors,” said Russ Gavin, CEO of VMAPA. “Fueling Vanguard ensures that these dedicated individuals remain fueled and focused as they pursue their passion for music and performance.”

How You Can Help: Sponsor a Mile or a Meal

Fueling Vanguard offers two impactful ways to contribute:

Sponsor a Mile:

As the Vanguard travels with a fleet of 10 vehicles, each journeying countless miles to bring performances to audiences far and wide, fuel and maintenance costs add up. The goal for the 2024 season is $25,000, which will support the journey from PreTour rehearsals in Moscow, ID, to the first show in Walnut, CA. With a cost of just $1 per vehicle per mile, supporters can help get the Vanguard on the road and fuel the journey to success.

How It Works:

  • Sponsor a block of miles for our fleet.
  • Ten Dollars equals one mile for each vehicle in our fleet!

Sponsor a Meal:

Support the Vanguard on the road by sponsoring a meal of your choice on a date that’s special to you. Whether it’s breakfast to kickstart a day of rehearsals, lunch to refuel between performances, or dinner to unwind after a long day of dedication, your donation ensures that Vanguard members are nourished and energized to give their best.

How It Works:

  • Select the meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack or Dinner.
  • Make your contribution: Sponsor the meal with your generous donation.
  • Choose the date via the provided Google Form: Pick a day to make a difference.

“This campaign will help us ensure that our members receive the best possible experience on the road regardless of the unpredictability in rising prices of gas and food,” added Gio Bastante, the Corps Director of the Santa Clara Vanguard. “The support of our community is something we are so fortunate to have and these contributions do not go unnoticed.”

Join the Santa Clara Vanguard in fueling the champions of the future! To learn more and contribute, visit https://www.scvanguard.org/fueling-vanguard/.

About Santa Clara Vanguard:

Santa Clara Vanguard is a world-renowned performing arts organization dedicated to enriching lives through the power of the performing arts. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, the Vanguard continues to inspire audiences worldwide with its innovative performances and commitment to artistic excellence.

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