Vanguard Cadets Launch California Initiative

Sep 5, 2018 | News, Vanguard Cadets

Every year around this time, the Board of Directors and VMAPA Management team take a hard look at each program to make sure VMAPA is staying true to its mission and operating within a budget. Changes are then considered within all programs, which is normal, especially for an innovative and forward-thinking organization like VMAPA. The purpose is to ensure the “Vanguard Experience” is a positive, life changing experience for all to enjoy!

After carefully considering the sustainability and mission of the VMAPA organization, the Vanguard Cadets will be restructured as a California-based drum corps again to ensure the program will serve many performers for years to come. Some may remember that the Vanguard Cadets was not always a nationally touring program, but instead existed as a wonderfully successful local program often traveling to DCI Finals every other year.

“The Vanguard Cadets have been a staple of our organization for decades, and you can rest assured that will not change. The organization will continue to shape the lives of our membership and offer the highest quality education.” said Charles Frost, VMAPA Executive Director.

Due to the logistics of coordinating with DCI, the 2019 schedule is still being formulated. However, the Vanguard Cadets will be focused on a California tour and, as such, will not be attending DCI Open Class Championships in 2019. The Organization will focus the Vanguard Cadets on being a quality program that will increase music and color guard education in the Bay Area. This move will allow the program to keep the standards it has grown to know, while serving the community and building new skills for local youth.

Throughout the years, VMAPA and BD Performing Arts have worked together to ensure the longevity of both organizations and the DCI activity on the West Coast. The two share many of the same challenges and opportunities. For 2019 Blue Devils B have also decided to tour only in California. The leadership teams of both organizations have been in communication over the past several weeks and are committed to making the 2019 summer experience strong, working together to make the final California weekend of shows a fun and exciting championship event.

“DCI has been in communication with both organizations and I support this decision fully,” says Dan Acheson, CEO of Drum Corps International. “We will do everything we can at DCI to ensure that shows on the West Coast continue to offer an amazing experience for all participants, families, and fans.”

The Vanguard Cadets will continue to be a quality drum corps that fulfills our mission through opportunities for participation, education and excellence in the performing arts.

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