2019 Vanguard Cadets Audition Info!

Oct 19, 2018 | News, Vanguard Cadets

We’re extremely excited to know that you’re interested in spending your summer as a member of the Vanguard Cadets! Whether it’s your first time auditioning or you’re hoping to return to the organization for another season, we are eager to welcome you. Your journey to excellence starts here! This season we are hosting one Vanguard Cadets audition on December 14-16 in San Jose, CA. (Click here to sign up!)

As previously announced, Vanguard Cadets will be restructured as a California-based drum corps in 2019. This means that the corps will perform exclusively at shows within the state of California for the upcoming DCI season and will not perform at the 2019 DCI Open Class Championships. HOWEVER – members from outside the state are still welcome to come audition for the corps! If you need transportation to/from the airport for the audition, please remember to fill out a Shuttle Request in MySCV.


2019 Vanguard Cadets prospective brass members will use the same audition materials as the Santa Clara Vanguard to continue the alignment of the two brass programs. Auditionees who are only interested in the Vanguard Cadets are not required to play the excerpts provided, and may play any music that they feel demonstrates their skill and preparation. You can purchase and download the 2019 audition materials here!

Prospective SCVC members will also be evaluated on their marching abilities and movement skills. For auditions, there is no need to learn the “bent leg” style that SCV is known for. Instead we ask that members come prepared with a marching technique they are familiar with and that will best showcase their ability. Staff is looking for strong posture, the ability to perform slides, foot timing, and potential to quickly learn and perform marching exercises. For the movement and dance portion, prospective members will be asked to demonstrate their coordination, body control, and performance ability as they are taken through various exercises and dance fundamentals.


All those attending an audition should bring whichever sticks and/or mallets are appropriate for the specific instrument on which they are auditioning. We ask that prior to your audition you download and read the 2019 SCVC Percussion Letter, which outlines many of the techniques and exercises that will be touched on throughout the weekend.


All those attending an audition are asked to bring their own rifle and/or sabre if possible, but all flags will be provided. Auditionees should wear comfortable, yet form fitting black dance attire to allow maximum flexibility. Dance shoes (jazz, ballet, etc) are optional, but those auditioning should be prepared to dance barefoot on a wooden floor as well. Also remember that closed toed shoes are always required when outside. We ask that prior to your audition you download and read the 2019 SCVC Color Guard Letter, which outlines many of the techniques and exercises that will be touched on throughout the weekend.

For even more 2019 Vanguard Cadets audition details and membership information, please click here! We also encourage you to fill out the 2019 Audition Questionnaire through MySCV so we can send you a 2019 Prospective Member Packet in the mail. Thank you again for your interest in the Vanguard Cadets – we hope to see you soon!

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