Vanguard Voices: Episode 6

Apr 3, 2021 | Uncategorized, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blog Post, Alumni

Episode 6: In memory of charter member, Mel Canales

Featuring: Keiko Kelly, Mike Munoz and Scott Pierson

Through this conversation with some of our earliest members, we learn about “Milk it Mel’s” legacy and what Vanguard was like in the early days. Mel being remembered as the mellophone soloist, as well as the fleet mechanic, gives you a little hint!

We even hear their ideas of what drums corps would be like in heaven. The most beautiful music we’ve ever heard, with Mel leading the way. Above all, their stories are a true testament to drum corps friendships. 

We hope you enjoy this episode, not only as a tribute to Mel, but as an appreciation for those who paved the way for the organization that would bring all of our most cherished and lifelong friendships. 

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