Sam Farr

Sound Engineer

Sam Farr

Sam is a freelance audio engineer and producer currently residing in Denton, TX. He began working with Santa Clara Vanguard as an audio engineer in 2019, and was previously working as an audio engineer at Troopers and Guardians in 2018. He led the Vigilantes Indoor Percussion audio team in their historic 2022 season, as they made world class finals for the first time in the groups history since 2013. He also currently works with various high schools throughout the DFW metroplex including McKinney H.S., Hebron H.S., and many others. Sam also recently began sound designing in the fall of 2021, designing shows for Byron Nelson High School, Lakeview Centennial High School and Splendora High School.

Sam has been a musician and performer in a wide array of musical groups. He is an alumni of Santa Clara Vanguard and aged out with the corps, winning the Fred Sanford award for best percussion in 2017. He was a member of Vigilantes Indoor Percussion in 2013, and ’15-’17 and also played snare at Troopers in 2016.

After aging out, he continued performing with various bands in the Denton and Dallas music scenes. He currently plays in Denton-based rock bands Bad Dad Jokes (drums) and Have Near (guitar/vocals). He records and produces various DFW artists under the name Farr Out Sounds and has most recently worked with New Avenues, Itiswhatitis, Penny Bored, and more. In his spare time he likes to read, mountain bike, run, travel, and discover new music of all types.

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