Justin Cunha

Visual Assistant Caption Manager

Justin Cunha

Justin Cunha is a designer and educator based out of Southern California. He spent eight summers as a performer with the Vanguard organization, four with Vanguard Cadets and four with the Vanguard A-corps.

Since aging out of the Vanguard as drum major in 2012, Justin has served on the staffs of both the Vanguard and Vanguard Cadets. His primary work has been served as a caption head and choreographer for the Vanguard Cadets, amassing multiple DCI open class titles. He also serves as drill designer for a number of California high schools.

In another life, Justin holds a B.A. in Theological Studies and is currently a graduate student of Philosophy. He serves as a full-time teacher of theology at Santa Margarita Catholic High School in Orange County.

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