Brandn Lindsey

Visual Technician

Brandn Lindsey

Brandn Lindsey obtained his degrees in accounting and finance from UW-Milwaukee, before beginning his professional career at a CPA firm in Milwaukee, WI. Although his background is in business, his experience marching and teaching within the drum corps activity inspired him to pursue education professionally. Now a licensed high school business education teacher in Mequon, WI, Brandn works to educate students in subjects such as personal finance, accounting, and product development.

Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, and a trumpet player since the age of four, Brandn marched two years with the Pioneer Drum & Bugle corps before deciding to audition for the Santa Clara Vanguard in his third year of the activity. He eventually marched one year with the Vanguard Cadets (2006) and another five years at the Vanguard A-corps (2007-2011), aging out as the drum major in his eighth and final year as a marching member.

From 2013 – 2017, Brandn worked as both a visual & brass technician and visual co-caption head of the Vanguard Cadets, and a visual technician with the Vanguard A-corps in 2017, 2018, and 2019. Additionally in 2019, Brandn was the visual co-caption head of Shadow Drum & Bugle Corps. Brandn has consulted with the visual programs of a variety of bands from both the California bay area, as well as the Southeastern and Central Wisconsin area. Outside of his work as a business educator and part-time visual instructor, Brandn has also adjudicated a number of Wisconsin band and percussion competitions, as well as the Virginia State Marching Band Championships. The Santa Clara Vanguard, and marching music as a whole, has played a major role in Brandn’s life; he is excited and humbled to be working with the Vanguard for another year.

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