Blake DuPriest

Emergency Medical Technician/ Registered Nurse

Blake DuPriest

Blake DuPriest is a newly graduated nurse from Sacramento California. He has years of ambulance and emergency room experience as an emergency medical technician. His focus/specialty in nursing is Trauma where he spent his senior preceptorship and many clinical rotations in.

Blake has marched with both the Vanguard Cadets (2014) and Vanguard (2015-2016) as the bottom bass drum for both corps. He went on to help teach the cadet corps over the next few years.

As he finished his undergrad in physiology, he took to completing his master’s in molecular biology but not before starting his second master’s in nursing.

During the pandemic, Blake acquired his Emergency Medical Technician certification and worked on an ambulance in the South Bay. There, he was also able to work as an emergency department technician at Stanford Healthcare Emergency Room in Palo Alto, California.

Blake is currently in nurse practitioner school where he is working towards getting his Family Nurse Practitioner certification. He aims to one day provide healthcare and education to rural America.

Outside of nursing, Blake likes to spend time with family and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and water sports.

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