SCV Alumni Association Updates Bylaws

Oct 3, 2016 | News, Alumni

The Santa Clara Vanguard, one of the world’s top rated drum and bugle corps and performing arts organizations, today announced the ratification by the Santa Clara Vanguard Board of Directors of updated Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Association (SCVAA) bylaws. The Santa Clara Vanguard Board of Directors requested these updates to ensure alignment with the organization’s core values.

The updated SCVAA bylaws are the product of an SCVAA Advisory Committee that formed at the beginning of 2016 under the advisement of Charles Frost, Mark Bindon and Rosalind Achkar. The SCVAA Advisory Committee is composed of members that span the 50-year history of the Santa Clara Vanguard, with each decade having at least two representatives. Former SCV BOD Chair Mark Bindon, current BOD member Linda Garbarino and Alumni Relations Manager Rosalind Ackhar, were also integral in guiding the SCVAA Advisory Committee through the process of updating these SCVAA bylaws.

The Alumni Advisory Committee is comprised of:
Caroline Amrikhas: 1979-1985 Guard
Bob Callahan: 1981 Brass
Mark Bindon: 1982-1983 Brass
Caron Thor: 1990-1994 Guard
Scott Wagner: 1995-1997 Percussion 
Julianna Martin: 2002-2007 Cadets Brass
Noe Gomez:  2012-2015 Brass & Drum Major
Javier Cerna: 2006-2010 Brass
Alan Sapien: 2009-2011 Brass

From the SCVAA Advisory Committee, the inaugural SCVAA Leadership Team has also been identified. The SCVAA Leadership Team includes Caroline Amrikhas (1979-1985) as President, Bob Callahan (1981) as Vice-President and Scott Wagner (1995, 1997) as Secretary/Treasurer. This inaugural SCVAA Leadership Team will guide the SCVAA until the fall of 2017 when SCVAA wide elections will be held, as outlined within the updated SCVAA bylaws.

“Alumni of the Santa Clara Vanguard have always had a home in Santa Clara, but these new bylaws help define a modern alumni association that better serves and supports the full diversity of 50 years of outstanding performers and performances. I congratulate the Alumni Advisory Committee’s dedication to integrity and inclusion, both in their makeup and in the updated bylaws they have conceived,” said Kevin Brooks, Board Chair, Santa Clara Vanguard.

The updated SCVAA bylaws are revolutionary in their call for creation of SCVAA chapters. The bylaws outline the foundation of SCVAA chapters based not only on geography, but also in other creative manners such as common years marched or common sections marched. Their respective members will govern SCVAA chapters; raise funds for the benefit of the Santa Clara Vanguard organization and will report annually to the Santa Clara Vanguard Alumni Relations Manager.

We have had great Alumni leadership over the years, and we could not have gotten to these next steps in broadening the SCVAA without their dedication, leadership and support of the Vanguard organization. We thank you for your tireless efforts!

The updated SCVAA bylaws mirror the values of the Santa Clara Vanguard by creating a fully inclusive alumni association with integrity and advocacy for the organization. Through this inclusiveness, the SCVAA will support current members of the organization’s programs and encourage all alumni from every SCV program to participate in the SCVAA.

You can read the updated SCVAA Bylaws here: SCVAA Bylaws

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