SCV 2018: “Babylon”

May 31, 2018 | News, Santa Clara Vanguard

In a time when words fail, music and movement become the foundation upon which to communicate, and serve as the building blocks to once again unite humanity.

This summer, the Santa Clara Vanguard is proud to present their 2018 program – “Babylon”

The infamous story of the City of Babylon tells of a utopian society where people once lived and worked together in harmony. But as the residents became greedy and grew too close to power, their perfect community was struck down and their speech was scrambled, making communication impossible.

Through this production, the Santa Clara Vanguard will explore human connection and the transcendent power to move beyond language. Performers will find they must react in unique ways to overcome the omnipresent barriers of speech, and to realize that universal truths can only be found in universal language.

“In considering a direction for the 2018 program, we had to look no further than the performers themselves. They are powerful communicators and masterful at using this art form to reveal themselves, and their passion for performance, to the audience,” said Michael Gaines, VMAPA Creative Director and SCV Visual Designer. “Once we realized the level of talent and drive in the 2018 Vanguard membership, it became apparent that the Babylon concept would be a perfect fit. We all look forward to continuing the collaboration to produce a show to remember.”

“My Body is A Cage” by Peter Gabriel
“Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Peter Graham
“Metropolis 1927” by Peter Graham
“Apology” by Zacarias M. di la Riva
“Club Sound” by Gent and Jawns

“We are really excited about the look and feel of Babylon,” said Scott Koter, SCV Program Coordinator. “The repertoire is really challenging the members from a stylistic and technical standpoint, but they are embracing the challenges and loving the diverse responsibilities required to portray their roles in this production.”

“We have never seen a group more eager or prepared as the 2018 membership,” added Andy Toth, SCV Visual Program Coordinator. “Babylon is turning out to be one of the most physically and emotionally demanding shows we’ve produced in a while, and we’re so excited to see the performers share that experience with the audience.”

Thanks to our amazing design team for their contributions to this vision: Michael Gaines (Creative Director, Visual Design), Scott Koter (Program Coordinator), Andy Toth (Visual Program Coordinator), Michael Rosales (Lead Choreographer), Paul Rennick (Music Coordinator/Percussion Arranger/Composer), Sandi Rennick (Percussion Arranger/Composer), J.D. Shaw (Brass Arranger/ Composer), Bart Woodley (Consultant), Adam Sage (Consultant), and Denise Bonfiglio (Consultant).

Check out the 2018 SCV Performance Schedule and come see Babylon in a city near you!

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