SCV 2017: “Ouroboros”

May 12, 2017 | News, Santa Clara Vanguard

This summer, audiences nationwide will experience the 2017 Santa Clara Vanguard through the eyes of the Ouroboros.

One of the oldest mystical symbols in the world, the Ouroboros is an ancient image of a serpent eating its own tail, which is known to represent introspection and the cyclicality of something constantly re-creating itself. This serves as the perfect metaphor to celebrate Vanguard’s 50 year history while anxiously awaiting what’s next.

Like the serpent shedding its skin, Vanguard reveals a new identity while fiercely protecting its traditions.

“The show concept was carefully chosen to not only acknowledge where Vanguard is as an organization, but also to allow this awesome history to energize, to invigorate, and to in some ways create a reinvention of itself as a launching point for the next 50 years,” said Michael Gaines, VMAPA Creative Director. “The program this year will be different than recent offerings from Vanguard, while maintaining that connection with the audience, which is a hallmark of SCV.”


Interplay for Piano Four Hands and Orchestra by David Gillingham
The Triumph of Time by Peter Graham
Song of Eight Unruly Tipsy Poets by Zhou Long
Into a Virtual World by Amin Bhatia
Remembering the Future from “Wait of the World” by Stephen Melillo

As we celebrate 50 years of success and look toward the future, this year’s musical program will feature a progressive approach with numerous styles and orchestrations to help portray atmospheres of darkness, edginess, repose and heroism. Musical innovation will be our focus while continuing to keep the entertainment of our fans and audiences at the forefront of our mission as the Santa Clara Vanguard.

“Through this music, the corps is able to connect with audiences through an energy and intensity that everyone will feel,” said Paul Rennick, SCV Music Coordinator and Percussion Arranger. “The source material offers a wide range of moods and a variety of textures to help us forge a new path for the Vanguard, often traveling to new unexpected places that keep the program fresh and interesting for everyone.”

Thanks to our amazing design team for their contributions to this vision: Michael Gaines (Creative Director), Scott Koter (Program Coordinator), Denise Bonfiglio (Staff Coordinator), Andy Toth (Visual Program Coordinator), Adam Sage (Program Consultant), Pete Weber (Visual Designer/Drill Writer), J.D. Shaw (Brass Arranger/ Composer), Paul Rennick (Music Coordinator/Percussion Arranger) and Sandi Rennick (Percussion Arranger/Composer).

Check out the 2017 SCV Performance Schedule and come see “Ouroboros” in a city near you!

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