Dive Deeper Into “FORCE OF NATURE”

Jun 21, 2016 | News


With the first show only a couple days away, we invite you to dive deeper and explore the music of our 2016 program. Follow the links or listen along with the playlist at the bottom of the page to familiarize yourself with each tune!

We kick off “FORCE OF NATURE” with a shimmer of something soft and familiar. As a mesmerizing canonic pit feature, “Spring 1” by Max Richter spirals and unfolds like a blooming flower, growing into a triumphant anthem of awakening.

Then, as the sounds of “Spring” fade away, thunder rumbles in the distance. “WITHOUT WARNING!” by Stephen Melillo hits with swirling brass lines and intense percussion, musically representing the chaos and disorder of a violent storm.

There is an unnerving sense of calm that follows this storm. Frank Ticheli’s hauntingly beautiful “Earth Song” lends itself to this moment of reflection and repose as the corps crescendos in a culmination of uncertainty before retreating back to welcoming peace.

From here, we transition to a cold and harsh environment and the sheer power and striking beauty of “Winter 1” is thrust upon us as we explore Max Richter’s piece with dazzling displays of musical prowess.

Finally, the overwhelming power of nature comes to full force with Stephen Melillo’s “After the Storm” as more intimidating chaos ensues. Stormy winds and bone-chilling temperatures gain intensity before exploding into a celebration of majesty and beauty.

We hope to see you at the MidCal Champions Showcase in Clovis, CA on Friday, June 24 for our debut performance. You can also catch us in Sacramento (June 25), Stanford (June 26) and Santa Clara (June 27) before we take “FORCE OF NATURE” to the Pacific Northwest!


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