Used Brass Instruments For Sale

Sep 19, 2019 | News

Could your marching band use an instrument upgrade? Are you looking for a new personal horn to play as you prepare for 2020 Auditions? Maybe you just want to own a piece of Vanguard History. In any case, you’ve come to the right place because VMAPA is gearing up to sell our current inventory of used Yamaha Brass instruments!

Send an email to for more information and place an order! 

Although we’re fresh out of trumpets, we’ve got plenty of Mellophones, Baritones, and Tubas all looking for a new home. And you really can’t beat the quality products that YAMAHA provides! Our current stock has traveled the country with SCV & SCVC in recent years, helping propel these programs to great success. Members have spent the summer cleaning and caring for the horns daily, but these ARE used instruments and may come with an occasional bump, bruise, or scratch. Rest assured – we will never ship a horn with major damage or broken parts!

YAMAHA Xeno Silver-plated Trumpets (Bb) YTR-8335S
Quantity: SOLD OUT
$1,575 each + shipping & tax
Estimated shipping cost: $55-$80 per horn

YAMAHA Silver-plated Mellophones (F) YMP-204MS
Quantity: 8
$1,325 each + shipping & tax
Estimated shipping cost: $60-$85 per horn

YAMAHA Silver-planted Baritones (Bb) YBH-301MS
Quantity: 18
$1,650 each + shipping & tax
Estimated shipping cost: $65-$85 per horn

YAMAHA Silver-planted Tubas (Bb) YBB-202MSWC
Quantity: 10 (Cases Not Included)
$4,800 each + shipping & tax ($100 additional for case)
Estimated shipping cost: $220-$300 per horn

Shipping (UPS 5-day ground with insurance for price of instrument) will be added to each instrument and sales tax must be added to ALL instruments sold for those who reside in California, Texas, Ohio, or Indiana. In order to estimate your shipping cost, please send us your zip code and whether or not the shipping destination is a business or residence. All instruments include a case with the exception of Tubas ($100 in addition to price of the horn), but we can ship tubas safely with or without the case.

Shipments will be executed within seven days of the receipt of purchase order or full payment.
Arrangements may also be made to pick up instruments in Santa Clara at the Vanguard Hall.

Send an email to for more information and place an order! 

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