At the center of every strong drum corps is a strong team of member leadership who serves the corps both on and off the field. As a liaison between performers and staff, this team of veteran members takes on additional responsibility, puts in the extra effort to lead by example, and sets a standard for the entire group. We are proud to announce our 2019 Santa Clara Vanguard Drum Majors and Conductor: Andrew Arbouzov, Elad Zohar, and Jessica Jackman!

“I am extremely excited to see Andrew, Elad, and Jessica take the podium this summer and lead the way for the 2019 Santa Clara Vanguard to achieve amazing things,” said David Yunis, SCV Corps Director. “I believe that each one of these talented young men brings a unique set of skills and perspectives to the position, and with their hard work and character, they are prime examples of what it takes to be an outstanding Vanguard Member.”