Vanguard Brass Programs Build Common Vision

Nov 8, 2017 | Uncategorized, News, Santa Clara Vanguard, Vanguard Cadets

The Santa Clara Vanguard and the Vanguard Cadets have coexisted for over 40 years, each successfully educating young performers in their own way. With a vision toward the future, and a long term goal of greater organizational cohesion, both corps have now embraced a unified strategy to the benefit of the students and staffs, as well as to Vanguard Music and Performing Arts.

“From day one, I realized that for us to be successful in the long term, an inclusive and comprehensive brass program was necessary across the entire VMAPA organization. Our main goal is that, regardless of age or level of experience, the members of SCV and SCVC will receive the same level of training and education across the board,” said Chip Crotts, SCV Brass Caption Manager.

This effort to align the Vanguard brass programs under a common vision will help to achieve the goal of stronger retention between the two drum corps. By setting a foundation of education and expectation, members of the Vanguard Cadets are being set up for success as they grow and prepare to eventually move up and join the Vanguard A-Corps. A common, streamlined approach to brass instruction also opens many doors in terms of staff integration, allowing both groups to work together more closely.

The key to tackling the goal of bringing the two corps closer together lies in the staff. The 2018 Vanguard Cadets’ brass staff is filled with many new additions, a number of whom are recent ageouts of the Vanguard A-Corps. Their experience and knowledge will help guide the Vanguard Cadets in the right direction. At the helm is long time SCV Brass Tech, Ryan Adamsons, who will be the SCVC Brass Caption Manager for the 2018 season.

“I am thrilled that Ryan will be taking over the Brass Caption Manager for the Vanguard Cadets. He is the perfect fit as someone who is a world class player and educator, and has years of experience teaching at the highest level of DCI,” said Crotts. “We often joke that Ryan is the “brass whisperer” as he really gets the nuts and bolts of playing and always has a diagnosis for musical and technical challenges with all ages of students. He is the perfect teacher to help align and bring our brass programs much closer together moving forward.”

VMAPA is very excited to announce the 2018 Vanguard A-Corps and Vanguard Cadets Brass Staffs! Together, these educators will fulfill a major goal for the organization; to see both drum corps work together under a shared mission, to explore more opportunities, and to grow through partnership in training and development.

Vanguard Cadets: Ryan Adamsons (Caption Manager), Johnny Erdman (Assistant Caption Manager), Bryan Bass, Garrett Faccone, Larry Heck, Paul Lujan, Rachel Spencer, Mike Weber, Ryan Farris, Kevin Fenske, Colton Garrett, Spencer Hannibal-Smith, Jason Kneebone, Roger Wufu

Santa Clara Vanguard: Chip Crotts(Caption Manager), Mark Nichols (Assistant Caption Manager), Ryan Adamsons, Zack Anderson, Felix Cruz, Amy Frost, Daniel Galloway, Ed Roush, Travis Barzee, Taylor Criswell, Greg Davis, Courtney Lawrence, Josh Scott, Clay Waccholz, Roger Wufu, Donny Allen, Rusty Smith

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