Miss Amana Looking for Experienced Kitchen Management/Cooking Personnel

Feb 26, 2016 | News

The Santa Clara Vanguard is revamping our summer food service operation and looking to fill the following positions on our mobile kitchen truck, Miss Amana:

Kitchen Inventory Manager and Lead Summer Cook: (Late-May to Mid-August)


Must have excellent communication skills and be ready to work or have experience working in an active drum corps environment. This is a part time off road management position and part time on the road food-prep/cooking position. Responsible for inventory management and storage space utilization. Applicants will be expected to monitor the inventory of a large Penske-type truck, as well as the transfer of that inventory to the Miss Amana vehicle while on the road. Also responsible for the final unloading and cleaning of Miss Amana after the truck has arrived back in Santa Clara after finals.


Summer Cook(s): (Late-May to Mid-August)


We are looking for a few people with cooking experience to maintain a consistent environment on our mobile kitchen truck, Miss Amana, during our summer tour, while also supporting a revolving door of strong volunteers who have significant experience preparing four daily meals for 175-200 members and staff over a 70-80 day summer tour.


  1. Cooking Skills – Ability to Prep, Cook, Clean and other duties as needed inside/outside of the mobile kitchen truck.
  2. Strong Organizational Skills
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Fun and Energetic
  5. A Team Player, able to work with many different personalities
  6. Flexible, able to adjust to changes quickly

Spring and summer compensation for these positions commensurate with experience. Knowledge of summer drum corps operations necessary. Resume and three references required. Only serious inquiries please. Some flexibility with starting dates.

Cook Summer Shift Schedule:

May 20th – June 21st (32 Days)
– Fly into San Jose, CA (SJC) or San Francisco, CA (SFO)
– Fly out of Fresno, CA (FAT)June 21st – July 15th (24 Days)
– Fly into Fresno, CA (FAT)
– Fly out of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN (MSP)

July 15th – August 13th (29 Days)
– Fly into Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN (MSP)
– Fly out of Indianapolis, IN (IND)

Send materials and inquiries via e-mail to Charles Frost at CFrost@SCVanguard.org or by US mail to:

Santa Clara Vanguard
1795 Space Park Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054

No phone inquiries please.

SCV is always looking for volunteer support for Miss Amana (you don’t have to know ANYTHING about cooking) and other volunteer aspects during the summer including driving trucks, buses, SUVs, uniform maintenance, merchandise sales, etc… Please contact us for more information!

Volunteer Summer Shift Schedule (need 3-4 people per shift):

May 20th – May 29th (9 Days) Fly into San Jose, CA (SJC) or San Francisco, CA (SFO)/Fly out of San Jose, CA (SJC) or San Francisco, CA (SFO)

May 29th – June 11th (13 Days): Fly into San Jose, CA (SJC) or San Francisco, CA (SFO)/Fly out of Sacramento, CA (SMF)

June 11th – June 21st (10 Days): Fly into Sacramento, CA (SMF)/Fly out of Fresno, CA (FAT)

June 21st – June 30th (9 Days): Fly into Fresno, CA (FAT)/Fly out of Medford, OR (RVI)

June 30th – July 8th (8 Days): Fly into Medford, OR (RVI)/Fly out of Denver, CO (DEN)

July 8th – July 15th (7 Days): Fly into Denver, CO (DEN)/Fly out of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN (MSP)

July 15th – July 24th (9 Days): Fly into Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN (MSP)/Fly out of San Antonio, TX (SAT)

July 24th – August 4th (11 Days): Fly into San Antonio, TX (SAT)/Fly out of Philadelphia, PA (PHL)

August 4th – August 13th (9 Days): Fly into Philadelphia, PA (PHL)/Fly out of Indianapolis, IN (IND)

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