A-Corps Director Ivan De La Cruz Steps Down

Jul 5, 2021 | News, Santa Clara Vanguard

Whenever a highly motivated and driven member of our team leaves, their loss is felt by many. Ivan De La Cruz has been a beacon of kindness, motivation, and empathy since he was named A-Corps Director of the Santa Clara Vanguard in 2019. His humility and devotion to our members can be felt by all who have worked with and around him. It’s these qualities that make his departure from the role of Director even more difficult.

Recently, Ivan and his wife Alyssa welcomed their first child, Hannah, into their lives, which has changed many things in their world. Ivan will remain a member of Vanguard staff and will assist in the onboarding of a new Director, but has made the decision to place his family first and step back from the A-Corps Director position. Ivan’s decision to change roles is accepted, respected, and supported by Vanguard leadership and we are appreciative of his careful consideration of his professional and personal responsibilities.

In Ivan’s time with VMAPA, he has become a well respected figure by the members and staff. Michael Gaines, Director of Programs, commented, “I have watched Ivan grow from a skilled performer, to a passionate instructor, and ultimately to the distinguished Director of the Santa Clara Vanguard. In all phases of his career, he has approached his responsibilities with a laser focus on doing what needs to be done, doing it well, and above all, always putting the team and performers’ well-being ahead of his own. I’m so happy to see him continue doing so as a father and a husband. We are all grateful for his time here, and are thrilled that Ivan will continue to be a part of the Vanguard family.” Jeremy Van Wert adds, “Ivan has demonstrated an abiding sensitivity to the care and empathic treatment of our members. His emotional investment in the experience of members is palpable in the way he talks with and cares for members, and demonstrates his deep respect for the Vanguard organization.”

As Vanguard concludes the 2021 season and begins preparations for a full launch into the 2022 season, we will be seeking a new A-Corps Director. This process will be an open search and the candidate selected will be provided with the support and training necessary to be successful in their role. We are very happy that Ivan will be remaining on our team to help us succeed in 2022.

Potential candidates can apply here.

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