At the center of every strong drum corps is a team of member leadership who serves the corps both on and off the field. As a liaison between performers and staff, this team of veteran members takes on additional responsibility, puts in the extra effort to lead by example, and sets a standard for the entire group. We are proud to announce our 2019 Santa Clara Vanguard Brass Leadership Team: Elise Denghausen, Ashley Ballengee, Katie Christensen, and Jack Hawkins Decaire!

“One major factor in our success over the last two years has been the brass leadership team. This team has become the heart and soul of the organization, always willing to do anything and everything necessary to make sure everyone is performing at the highest level possible,” said Mark Nichols, SCV Brass Caption Manager. “This year the team totals 20 years of combined drum corps experience, which is truly impressive. I know that together they will lead Vanguard into the future and set a new standard for years to come. I could not be more excited to work with them this year!”