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SCV 2018: “Babylon”

In a time when words fail, music and movement become the foundation upon which to communicate, and serve as the building blocks to once again unite humanity.

This summer, the Santa Clara Vanguard is proud to present their 2018 program – “Babylon”

The infamous story of the City of Babylon tells of a utopian society where people once lived and worked together in harmony. But as the residents became greedy and grew too close to power, their perfect community was struck down and their speech was scrambled, making communication impossible.

Through this production, the Santa Clara Vanguard will explore human connection and the transcendent power to move beyond language. Performers will find they must react in unique ways to overcome the omnipresent barriers of speech, and to realize that universal truths can only be found in universal language.

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2018 Repertoire

“My Body is A Cage” by Peter Gabriel
“Journey to the Center of the Earth” by Peter Graham
“Metropolis 1927” by Peter Graham
“Apology” by Zacarias M. di la Riva
“Club Sound” by Gent and Jawns

2018 Latest Score

98.625 – Indianapolis, IN (August 11)



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