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2017 Show Announcement

Everything around us is in pieces. That’s the idea behind the Vanguard Cadets’ 2017 production. And in honor of SCV’s golden anniversary, the Vanguard Cadets design team looked to the organization’s past as inspiration for this year’s show.

This year, don’t look for a ‘story’ in the traditional sense. There’s no ‘hero’ or ‘character’ to follow. Instead, the show is designed so each fan can respond to the music, precision, and spectacle in their own way… to “fill in the pieces” with their own imagination.

“At our first design meeting back in September, the unanimous feeling was to give the performers and fans a show that’s the heart of what defined our organization’s best moments during the past five decades – those moments when something different, something new was tried,” said Rob Ripley, SCVC Program Coordinator. “To accomplish that, once we’d decided on the show’s main idea, rather than try to fit the show into pre-conceived notions of what SCVC does or who we are, we made the very deliberate choice to let the production emerge as organically as possible.”

The designers challenged themselves to stay away from their comfort zone as they approached every show element – music, visual, movement, costumes, and staging. The show unfolds as a series of connected but unique moments – some musical, some visual, and some both – but all built on one simple and compelling motif that appears in countless ways: PIECES.

“This is my tenth year with the corps and I can honestly say that the 2017 show doesn’t look, sound or feel like anything we’ve ever done before or what you’d expect from us,” added Ripley. “But at the same time there’s no question this show is pure Vanguard Cadets – and the performers are already chomping at the bit to get in front of the audience.”

Thanks to our amazing design team for their contributions to this vision: Michael Gaines (Creative Director), Rob Ripley (Program Coordinator), Peter Gomez (Visual Coordinator), Fred Emory Smith (Music Coordinator & Composer), Casey Brohard (Battery Composer), and Key Poulan (Brass Arranger).

2017 Mail Stops

August 7th: Michigan City SCVC Mail Stop

General Delivery – Hold For Arrival
Vanguard Cadets Drum & Bugle Corps
Attn: *Member’s Name*
303 Washington Street
Michigan City, IN 46360


2017 Repertoire

Feedback” by Ojos de Brujo
Kaleidoscope” by Fred Emory Smith
Temen Oblak” by Christopher Tin
Harvest” by John Mackey

2017 Latest Score

DCI Open Class Finals
Michigan City, IN – 8/8/2017



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