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SCVC 2019: “What About Us”

In a year of immense change, the Vanguard Cadets ask: What about us?

At the heart of their 2019 program, “What About Us,” is P!nk’s rousing pop anthem of the same name. This refreshing production reflects upon a social climate in which young people face a future made uncertain by leaders of a generation far detached from their own. In this show and beyond, a new generation sets out to make their voices heard.

Throughout their program, Vanguard Cadets traverses an evolution of music and style, which parallels not only their legacy of innovation, but the journey of a young adult as they forge their unique identity and navigate the world in a way all their own.

The 2019 program blossoms from the familiar and driving “Primacy of Numbers,” by Philip Glass to Peter Gabriel’s dreamy “Downside Up,” and onward to the pulsing, modern “Three Ring,” an original composition by Fred Smith and Ryan Adamsons. “What About Us,” echoes throughout as the heartbeat of the production. Within this self-reflective evolution, Vanguard Cadets explores themes of youth, innovation, individuality, and strength of spirit upon an ever-changing visual playground.

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2019 Repertoire

“What About Us” by P!nk
“Primacy of Numbers” by Philip Glass
“Downside Up” by Peter Gabriel
“Three Ring” by Fred Smith & Ryan Adamsons

2019 Latest Score

75.500 – Vista, CA (July 20)

1795 Space Park Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054    (408) 727-5532