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SCVC 2018: “Off The Wall”

For millennia, all artists have been captivated by the simple question, “What will happen next?” And when the answer surprises us – a left turn when we expect to go right; silence instead of cacophony – we lean in, curious. An unfulfilled expectation can suddenly shift our view of an idea, another person, or even the world. Indeed, a moment that at first blush seems off the wall, is often the beginning of deep inspiration or insight.

The Vanguard Cadets present a richly layered program, “Off the Wall”. With bold sonic and visual palettes, the show aims to spark imagination, challenge the left-brain, and delight the senses. The modern, eclectic soundtrack resonates with music by Frederick Mercury, Eric Whitacre, and two original pieces by Fred Emory Smith and Ryan Adamsons.

The 2018 Vanguard Cadets shine a spotlight onto the moment when our expectations are upended – and the thoughtful, provocative notion of what it means to be “Off the Wall”.

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2018 Repertoire

“Bicycle Race” by Frederick Mercury
“Sounding Board” by Fred Smith & Ryan Adamsons
“Fly to Paradise” by Eric Whitacre
“Rebound” by Fred Smith & Ryan Adamsons

2018 Latest Score

81.025 – Indianapolis, IN (August 10)



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