Parade of Champions 2022

Since 1945, the SCPOC has brought Santa Clarans together to showcase their Champions from Sports, Civic and Business leaders, Culture and Arts, to Entertainment and now Tech. The entire city would gather in its Historic Downtown (founded in 1852) to celebrate their heritage, community spirit, and pride every year. It has been one of the longest-running unifying events in the history of Santa Clara. Lifelong Memories were made, and community bonds strengthened for generations to follow.

If you’re looking for an exciting performance opportunity in 2022, this is the perfect local event! This opportunity is open to all current and past performing members of any Vanguard Music and Performing Arts program. The uniform will be determined at a later date and will be provided by SCV. The cost is only $45 to participate!

Parade of Champions Rehearsal Schedule:

  • August 27th: 9am-Noon (at Vanguard Hall)
  • September 17th: Noon-4:30pm (At Homestead High School)
  • September 30th: 2:30-4:30pm (At Vanguard Hall)
  • September 30th: 6:30pm-9pm (Mt Pleasant High School)

1795 Space Park Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054    (408) 727-5532