SCVC 2020 Callback Camp

Jan 25 - Jan 26
Yerba Buena High School
The January callback camp is for those BRASS & PERCUSSION auditionees who received a 1 or 2 Grade level at one of the audition camps/one-day auditions. The camp will set the brass and percussion sections for the summer of 2020. We are looking forward to your participation. Throughout the camp there will be individual auditions to decide final brass and percussion placements in the Vanguard Cadets, or invitations to return next year after gaining some additional experience. Just relax and do your best. Good luck!
Be sure to fill out an RSVP before attending this Callback weekend.

1. Log-in to your MySCV account
2. RSVP/sign-up to attend this event
3. Pay the registration fee (only applicable if this is your first audition)
4. Fill out a shuttle request if you require transportation
5. Fill out the necessary paperwork to bring with you to check-in
If you attended the San Jose, CA Audition weekend, you do not have to pay a registration fee to attend the callback camp. If you attended any Santa Clara Vanguard Audition weekends, the registration fee is $50. First time auditionees must pay $200. The registration fee is payable online or by phone via credit card, by mail via check or money order; or in person via cash, check, money order or credit card. Full payment is required for participation, and no previous year credits can be used to pay the registration fee. Make sure you get a receipt!
When you come to check in for your audition, you must present a school or government issued photo ID which we will copy to keep for our records. During check-in we will also be collecting your Member Registration form, Image Use Release form, and a copy of your medical insurance card. Blank forms will be available at check-in if you haven't filled one out in advance. If under 18, a parent's signature is required. Upon successfully completing the registration process, you will be provided with a wristband and name tag to mark your participation.
Please do not arrive at the school before 7:30 AM on Saturday morning. Also, do NOT call the school for any information about the SCVC Camp. The school doors will open at 7:30AM and registration will begin Saturday morning at 8:00AM. There will be a short opening presentation by the corps’ management after everyone has been checked in, then attendees will break off into sections. We will finish with camp on Sunday afternoon around 3:30PM.

All prospective members will be provided with sleeping accommodations at the school for the weekend (don’t forget your air mattress, a pillow and blanket). Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack will be provided for all camp attendees, starting with a lunch on Saturday and ending with lunch on Sunday. Please make sure to eat breakfast before coming for registration on Saturday!

To ensure your safety and security, all SCVC camps operate as a closed campus. No one will leave the campus during the camp unless you have approval by the director.
Those flying into San Jose to join us for the weekend should fly into SJC (SFO is acceptable, but not preferred). Also note that the San Jose Diridon and Greyhound stations are the easiest to access for the camp weekend. Vanguard Shuttles to the airport and transportation centers will be available EARLY Saturday morning until noon. Shuttles will resume on Sunday for departures. Please try to time your departure from an airport or transportation center after 4:00 PM on Sunday. A Friday arrival or Monday departure cannot be accommodated. Make your shuttle request through your MySCV account as soon as you set your travel plans.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or Once again, we are excited you have chosen SCVC and look forward to seeing you in San Jose!

1795 Space Park Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054    (408) 727-5532