About Vanguard Music And Performing Arts

Vanguard Music and Performing Arts (VMAPA) is a non-profit performing arts education and youth development organization. For over 54 years, we have stayed true to the spirit of our namesake, by leading the way forward in the marching arts through bold new developments and innovative ideas. 

VMAPA provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience to young performers, building their confidence, life skills, intelligence, and fortitude through world-class instruction and personal development. The unique Vanguard experience produces problem solvers, leaders, and young people with the confidence to endure and succeed. 

Our Drum and Bugle Corps provide an inclusive and highly impactful performing experience teaching self-reliance, teamwork, and what excellence requires of an individual and a group. At VMAPA, we create a champion mindset lasting throughout the lives of our talented performers.


Our mission is to inspire communities and enrich lives by increasing opportunities for participation, education, and excellence in the performing arts.


We envision a world in which everyone has access to life-transforming performing arts.



Future Focus 

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Our story began in 1967, when creative differences arose between those involved in the Sparks Drum and Bugle Corps. On March 6th, Gail Royer, Founder and 25 year Corps Director, along with previous members of the Sparks Drum and Bugle Corps, formed a new group and following their first practice decided upon a name, The Santa Clara Vanguard. In 1970, they won their first world championship, the first of many triumphs the corps would accomplish over the next 54 years. In 1988, The Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets was established, as a feeder program for the younger siblings of performers in The Santa Clara Vanguard, who had a desire to join the corps but needed more training and time before they were ready to join a nationally touring competitive group. 

Over the years the organization grew and expanded the programs we provided for performers to include winter percussion, winter guard, and other youth development and arts education experiences. While The Santa Clara Vanguard was the first group to bring recognition and prestige to the Vanguard name, all of our programs have attained great success and are each a special piece of our organization.

Until 2017, our organization was known as The Santa Clara Vanguard Booster Club, after which point we officially became Vanguard Music and Performing Arts. Throughout our long history, we have carried on the legacy of our founders, dedicated to preserving the unique and treasured “Vanguard Spirit” all those who have been involved in our organization share. 

1795 Space Park Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054    (408) 727-5532