55th Anniversary Emerald Gala

After much consultation and careful consideration, BD Performing Arts (BDPA) and Vanguard Music and Performing Arts (VMAPA) have made the difficult decision to cancel our Gala celebrations, originally scheduled for Saturday, July 9.


For months, both organizations have been working closely together to plan special evening celebrations in honor of our milestone anniversaries in 2022. And while we were very much looking forward to this joyous celebration, continuing realities related to the ongoing pandemic make it clear that it is in the best interest of our performing members, our organizations and supporters of our organizations to cancel the indoor event.


At the time of planning these events, we were hopeful and optimistic in regards to COVID-19. Unfortunately, cases continue to rise across the Bay Area and we are seeing the return of mask mandates in some counties. We have a duty to act with an abundance of caution for our members and our guests, and holding an indoor event with hundreds of people just as the drum corps are beginning national or regional tours runs counter to this commitment.


We are disappointed to be canceling these events, but at times difficult decisions must be made in order to do what’s best for the well-being of our organizations. And even though the Galas are being called off, there will still be plenty of opportunities to celebrate with BDPA and VMAPA this summer! As always, thank you for your continued support.

“Please note that Family Day (July 9) and DCI West (July 10) are not cancelled and will still take place as previously scheduled.”

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